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MARCH 10, 2013

Group work advice for MOOC providers

The most valuable aspect of MOOCs is that the large number of learners enables the formation of sub-networks based on interested, geography, language, or some other attribute that draws individuals together. With 20 students in a class, limited options exist for forming sub-networks. When you have 5,000 students, new configurations are possible.


APRIL 11, 2013

Exploratorium: Mapping the Experience of Experiments

‘We’re huge fans of our soon to be San Francisco waterfront neighbors, the Exploratorium. They don’t have docents, they have Explainers.


JANUARY 27, 2013

PKM in 2013

“The basic unit of social business technology is personal knowledge management, not collaborative workspaces.” ” Knowledge.


AUGUST 13, 2013

How writing a blog can make you a better manager.

‘I often think back to my days as a line manager. Working with people in big organisations I am reminded of the fears and frustrations that come with the job. remember feeling out of my depth and unsure of the responsibility. This didn”t happen. It still doesn”t happen. Writing a blog can help in the following ways: You notice more.
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