World Stoos Day

Stoos (rhymes with close or dose) is a mountain village of 100 inhabitants at 1,300 metres in the center of Switzerland. People come to ski.



A year ago, twenty of us met on the mountaintop in Stoos to imagine management and business anew. Peter Stevens sent invitations:

Steve Denning, Jurgen Appelo, Franz Röösli and Peter Stevens are pleased to personally invite you to a spontaneous weekend in the mountains. Our goal is to bring together a group of (no more than) 20 (thought) leaders from around the world in business, IT, and human development. We have a nice hotel, ski slopes, a spa, and a conference room. 20 cool people and 2 days. What will come out of it? I hope you will join us to create something wonderful (or just have a good time)!

This first meeting has become known as the Stoos Gathering. Here’s Steve Denning’s description and a few snapshots.

s5 hotel

Everyone has his or her special twist on this Stoss-thing. Half the attendees were authors and we have our opinions.


For me, Steve Denning’s Radical Management covers most of the bases.




Come to our birthday party and symposium, Stoos Connect, . LIVE.

Things kick off at 3:00 pm Friday in Amsterdam. That’s 6:00 am in San Francisco, but I plan to be there.

Latest on today’s activities, via Steve Denning:

The event features a great speaker lineup, including Roger Martin (dean of the Rotman School of Business), Dan Pink (author of Drive), Jurgen Appelo (Management 3.0) and Lisa Earle McLeod (author of Selling With Noble Purpose). (My talk is expected to be around 14.25 US ET.)

Interestingly, Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman Business School, will be giving his talk from Davos. Hopefully he will share his thoughts on how “the sybaritic gabfest known as the World Economic Forum” relates to the Stoos movement.

The conference will start at 15:00 Amsterdam time (US ET 9am) and run till 21:15 (US ET 15.15)

Need homework? Steve Denning recommends:

Online, stay current with the Stoos Network on LinkedIn and #Stoos on Twitter.


The spirit of Stoos is still resounding in my head a year later.

Immediately after Stoos, I went to Lugano for a few days to reflect on the Agile movement, the Beyond Budgeting movement, the Management 3.0, Reinventing Management, and the Radical Management movement. I went into that delightful Flow feeling as I picked through dozens of wonderful, optimistic concepts.


Conclusions: Organizations are organisms, not machines. Those organisms are living networks of learners. Shareholder value is a con-game. The current system is irreparably broken.

Deep change doesn’t occur overnight (unless you witness a miracle); it soaks in. I think the spirit of Stoos got me so interested in the role of emotion in business and what happens when we trust workers to make their own decisions. I see everything though a clearer lens. Humans count.

Join us at the LIVE event. Tweet to #Stoos. See you online.


We’ll Hangout on Google at 10:00 am (Pacific) day after tomorrow to talk about what we heard on World Stoos Day and how it turns learning and development upside down.